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These Circles.Life General Terms and Conditions shall apply to each and all our Services in addition to any specific terms and conditions except to the extent, if any, expressly excluded in the specific terms and conditions. The Services are provided by Liberty Wireless Pte Ltd (“Liberty Wireless”, “we” or “us”) or if applicable, our wholly owned subsidiaries (collectively, the “Liberty Wireless Group of Companies”). To subscribe, use and/or access our Services, you must comply with the terms and conditions set out below. Not complying with the terms set out below may affect your enjoyment of the Services.

Based on the sole discretion of the Company, a select group of people may be invited or approved to sign up for the mobile service prior to commercial launch. The trial may include special promotions for a limited time as determined by the Company. The quality of the experience for the trial users may not be guaranteed and in any case may be inferior to the quality of service post the commercial launch.


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